Synopsis: Eric Packer (R-Pats) is a billionaire financier and playboy who goes, in his limo, to get a haircut.  Really.

What can I say?  It lacked the “good” weirdness of an old-school Cronenberg flick like Videodrome or Dead Ringers, and the well-constructed drama of the more recent down-to-earth films like History of Violence or Eastern Promises.

Cosmopolis really is utter drivel. The dialogue is beyond being unnecessarily wordy, it’s mumbling, inaudible and at times incomprehensible. I’ve just watched it and I genuinely can’t say what happened. Possibly because almost nothing happened. I can’t remember seeing such a long film with so little content.

Final thoughts: this left me cold, bored and thoroughly miffed.  What a waste of life.

Score: I give this 1/10.  The 1 being achieved because R-Pats shoots himself (it would have been a higher score if it wasn’t just his hand).

Key info
Released: 2012
Directed by: David Cronenberg
Starring: R-Pats, Paul Giamatti, Juliette Binoche, Samantha Morton
Running time: 1 hr 48 minutes (seems much longer)

2 responses to “Cosmopolis

    • It isn’t even good enough to be shit. It’s…it’s…argh, I’m not sure there are even words to say how much I hated this…turgid? Excrutiating? Offensively abysmal? Yes. All of those words go some way towards expressing my feelings towards this film.

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