The Window

Synopsis: 9 year-old Tommy lies about everything. Really. Everything. Amazingly, when he witnesses a murder in the upstairs flat nobody believes him. As our American cousins might say, “go figure”.

It doesn't pay to snoop.

It doesn’t pay to snoop.

What can I say? This is a taut, old-school, fast-talking/high trousers, black and white crime drama. Simple as that. The storyline is very simple, and the running time unusually short (apparently there were production issues ). What makes it stand out over other similar films is the Oscar-winning 10 year-old, Bobby Driscoll. If you have a chance, take a look at his bio

Perhaps I’m being uncharacteristically sentimental, but this performance seemed all the more poignant when I found out how this early success never ultimately amounted to anything more than obscurity and premature death. Hollywood is indeed a cruel mistress, and perhaps toughest on child stars. I mean, just look at Macaulay Culkin.

Although there can be something slightly hokey about the dialogue in these old black and white films, this film is charming and thoroughly likable with a star turn from the young lead. If you like old black and white films, this is definitely worth a look.

Score: 8.5/10

Key info
Released: 1949
Running time: 1 hr 13 minutes
Directed by: Ted Tetzlaff
Starring: Bobby Driscoll, Barbara Hale, Arthur Kennedy

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