Animal Kingdom

Released: 2010

Synopsis: following the unexpected death of his mother, 17 year-old Josh goes to live with his grandmother and uncles. Not exactly the loving family you’d hope for after the loss of your mother, they’re especially nasty career criminals and the police are after them.

Enjoy the smiles, there are more here than in the whole film.

Enjoy the smiles, there are more here than in the whole film.

What can I say? This is an extremely dark and gritty crime drama, with some very distressing violence. Perhaps the most distressing thing about the violence here is the spontaneous, offhand way in which it’s metered out. Chilling.

The performances are universally top-notch particularly Jacki Weaver’s sinister granny who will stop at nothing to protect her boys, and Josh’s deeply psychotic uncle Andrew played by Ben Mendelsohn. Both are equally scary, and some of the most casually vicious characters I can remember seeing on film. James Frecheville is perfect as the teenager stuck in the middle of all the terrible goings on and I’ll be looking out for him in future.

Naturally Guy Pearce is excellent, if under used, as the obligatory police officer and Joel Edgerton puts on a good show too.

Score: 8/10

Key info
Released: 2010
Running time: 1 hr 53 minutes
Directed by: David Michod
Starring: James Frecheville, Ben Mendelsohn, Joel Edgerton, Jacki Weaver, Guy Pearce

3 responses to “Animal Kingdom

  1. ‘Naturally Guy Pearce is excellent’… he just is, isn’t he? It’s like he can’t help it. More Guy Pearce film reviews please.

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