Flight stars box office stalwart Denzel Washington as the hilariously named Whip Whitaker, a functioning alcoholic who turns up to work off his tits after a heavy night out. Tough enough to manage in the office, but this guy is a commercial pilot, and is about to have a very bad day.

The opening 20 minutes are really quite exciting, with Whip struggling to land the plane after the engine fails. This is disaster movie excellence, it really is. It’s tense , gripping and well put together. Unfortunately, aside from a fun little cameo from John Goodman, it’s all down hill from there, for Whip, and the viewer.

What follows is a selection of deadly dulls scenes which, instead of dealing with his drink and drug problems, or the fallout from the accident, focus on the inevitable yet distracting love interest. Sigh. British actress Kelly Reilly is a fine love interest, but I was never really sure why, given everything else that the film could’ve explored, we even need a romance, here?

Anyway, the main character is a total arse and the story is lacking any real interesting focus. If you must watch it, I recommend you switch off once the plane lands to save yourself those precious minutes you’ll never get back. In fact, I’ll save you the trouble, just watch this:


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