Blue Jasmine

I’m actually undecided on Blue Jasmine and Blanchett’s portrayal therein.  It’s either a dazzlingly dramatic, heart-felt and outstanding performance or completely over the top with more ham and cheese than a double-decker ham and cheese sandwich.

Now, Cate Blanchett has a strong track record so we already know she can act but I really couldn’t give a toss about Jasmine.  There are glimmers of humanity in her which almost rouse the emotions but then you remember she’s actually a bit of a cow.  It’s what I call the Ian Beale effect – he’s usually really mean and awful but occasionally gets his comeuppance, cries and you’re meant to feel sorry for him.

Anyway, Blanchett is good, but so what?  She’s a shoe-in for an Oscar nomination and has a good chance of winning, and that’s fair enough.  She totally acted her arse off, and I’m sure it was hard work.

I’m sure this is a “good film” but I’ve no real desire to see it again – my sympathy for someone like Jasmine was thin to start with.

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