Tower Block and Comedown

So, have you ever noticed that films, like buses, sometimes come along in twos? You wait ages for a dreadful rom-com featuring an irritating yet incomprehensibly successful male lead and then, without warning you’re treated to No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits, almost simultaneously. Just when you’re thinking ‘I really wish someone would make a film about the White House being attacked by terrorists’ lo and behold… Olympus has Fallen and White House Down hit the screens. It’s almost spooky really because a while back I remember wondering ‘why oh why aren’t there any horror films that use underground caving as their backdrop?’ and guess what..? Say ‘hello’ to The Cave and The Descent! Anyway, you get my point. This time I’m talking about Tower Block and Comedown.

Let’s take Tower Block first. The IMDB blurb reads “Several months after witnessing a murder, residents of Tower Block 31 find themselves being picked off by a sniper, pitting those lucky enough to be alive into a battle for survival.” Doesn’t sound very good, does it?

Any familiar faces, here?

Any familiar faces, here?

Surprisingly it isn’t that bad. Love Soup’s Sheridan Smith gives a good job as Becky, the young woman who takes charge and tries to lead her fellow residents to safety; Jack O’Connell is great as the local scumbag who ends up on side with the people he usually terrorizes; Russell “jug ears” Tovey is the alcoholic neighbour and there’s even an appearance by Withnail favourite, Ralph Brown.

Ok so it’s far-fetched in the extreme. It’s a bit stupid and it takes itself a bit too seriously. But, as horror films go, it really isn’t bad.

The tower block featured in Comedown is a deserted ruin which the local yoofs use as the base for a pirate radio station. Once inside, someone begins to pick them off one by one. So far, so unoriginal. There are a couple of familiar faces here, namely Adam Deacon from Kidulthood and the lad from Channel 4 sitcom The Mimic but, as with many horror films, there’s not much for them to do except look scared.

The horror here is a bit too torturey for my liking and the whole thing is just a bit grimy. I can’t recommend it.

In short, if you like your killings high-rise, have a look at Tower Block.


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