Moving between the past and present, Byzantium tells the story of Clara and Eleanor, two young women who’ve survived for over two hundred years by drinking human blood. Vampires. Yay!

Someone's going to need a shower.

Someone’s going to need a shower.

In the present day Clara, played by the pouty Gemma Arterton, and Eleanor (a very serious and unsmiling Saoirse Ronan) end up in a sleepy seaside town, pursued by we don’t know who… There they find refuge with loveable loser and owner of the Byzantium hotel, Noel, while Eleanor is romanced by a local college boy. These scenes are interspersed with 19th century flashbacks which explain the origins of the two young women.

A little bit too serious for its own good, this is worth watching nevertheless, and I imagine fans of vampire films will find something here to interest them.


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