Ho ho ho!  Now, I wouldn’t exactly call this a Christmas film but, seeing as the festive season is about to begin, it is worth mentioning that ATM is set at Christmas.  David (Brian Geraghty) leaves his office Christmas party early so he can give Emily (Alive Eve) a lift home because he has the hots for her.  His annoying chum Corey (Josh Peck) insists on getting a lift home, too, and this is the fatal mistake.

Corey wants to stop off en route for a late night burger, at a place that only accepts cash, except he doesn’t have any cash on him so the trio must find [dramatic pause] an ATM.  The ATM of the title is housed in a small, standalone building in the middle of a dark and deserted car park.  Naturally.  I’ve never seen anything like that here so it’s hard to explain, have a look at the trailer and it might make more sense.

That said, the film itself doesn’t actually make any sense, so purpose trying to make sense of it is a futile endeavour.  David, Corey and Emily soon find themselves trapped in this little building by a be-hooded stranger who, for reasons we never discover, sets about terrorising them via a series of increasingly ludicrous methods.  The three friends make an even more bonkers string of decisions which, quite honestly, left me baffled and shouting out loud.  They’ve clearly never seen even one horror film between them, or I’m sure they’d have responded very differently to this weirdest of horror scenarios.

Argh, he's wearing a parka!

Argh, he’s wearing a parka!

This is the kind of bad horror that you just have to enjoy for the sheer badness of it.  The baddie is unprepared, his motives unclear and his success seems more borne out of sheer good luck (or the bad luck of his victims) than any kind of skill on his part.  The young office workers, we’re probably meant to be rooting for, have the combined intelligence of a bag of rocks.

ATM has more plot holes than every golf course in the whole of England combined, it is completely nonsensical, the characters are dim-witted and the killer’s raison d’être is maddeningly inexplicable.

This is a pretty terrible film, but it’s also quite watchable.  If, like me, you enjoy bad horror, this is worth 90 minutes of your life.

Score: 6/10

You can even watch the full film here.  Now don’t say I never give you anything.  Merry Christmas!


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