World War Z

World War Zzzzzzzzz

World War Zzzzzzzzz

World War Z sees Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane, a retired United Nations investigator who decided to give up his globe-trotting job to spend more time with  the wife and kids.  When a pandemic breaks out that sees ordinary folks come over all 28 Days Later, the only man who can help is Gerry.  A retired UN worker.  Apparently, of all the serving UN staff, army, navy, scientists, Doctors, medical experts and whoever you can think of, just aren’t up to scratch.  What we need to secure the future of the human race is a retired UN worker.  And herein is the first of many problems I have with this film.

Gerry traverses the globe (in spite of international panic in the face of a world-wide zombie outbreak which sees communications and transport systems break down) in search of the origin of the zombie virus, in the hope that the origin will lead to the cure.

There are some interesting scenes (all of which appear in the trailer) with hordes of zombies running at full pelt and climbing over walls, but that’s about it.  And Brad Pitt is a safe enough pair of hands, which is just as well because the whole film is on his shoulders, but when you have such a big star in this kind of role there’s never any real sense of peril because you know the hero has to survive.

World War Z is a BIG zombie film but I’ve seen better.

Score: 6/10


2 responses to “World War Z

  1. Agreed, again. I never felt a sense of momentum, or indeed, much in the way of sympathy. One of the most disappointingly flat experiences of last summer.

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