Bad horror: Silent Night

The list of Christmas horror films is a short one, and upon watching this brutal, utterly joyless offering I’m inclined to think this is a something to be thankful for.  Silent Night, I read, is loosely based on the 1984 film Silent Night, Deadly Night which I’ve never seen so I can’t speak about in any detail, but if the trailer is anything to go by, I’d guess it must be infinitely more enjoyable than this.

Anyway…Silent Night is set on Christmas Eve in a small town in the American Mid-West, a town which, it seems, has been naughtier than it has nice.  And so, a Santa-suited lunatic, complete with a creepy plastic mask, sets about a vicious killing spree [sigh].

How festive

How festive

Jaime King makes for a solid enough hero as the deputy sheriff on our evil Santa’s trail but there’s really not much to enjoy in Silent Night.  As with many American horrors, it tries too hard to be at once mysterious and expositional.  The characters are one-dimensional and the ending, as if tacked on in a hurry at the last-minute. is far from satisfying.

Silent Night is so bad it’s bad.


5 responses to “Bad horror: Silent Night

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  2. Yeah, shocking film. Couldn’t agree with you any more. I’ve seen Silent Night, Deadly Night, and Silent Night is the loosest form of remake. Literally the only thing in common is the Killer Klaus. And just how bad and unlikeable is Malcolm McDowell in this? Shockingly bad performance from the dude.

    • Urgh, yes, tuly terrible. I’d expect more of Malcolm McDowell, shame on him. I couldn’t get hold of Silent Night, Deadly Night so it’ll be on my list in the run up to Christmas this year. I did mistakenly watch Silent Night, Bloody Night which I couldn’t make head nor tail of.

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