I decided to look for Magic (1978) after recently watching the rather excellent Dead of Night, on which it was based.  Magic, directed by Richard Attenborough and starring a young Anthony Hopkins, tells the tale of ventriloquist Corky (Hopkins) and his dummy Fats.

Hard to tell the apart, huh?

Hard to tell the apart, huh?

Their act proves a big hit and it looks like Corky’s career might finally take off.  When his new employers want him to undergo a medical, Corky takes off, finding himself at the home of his teenage crush, Peggy (Ann Margaret).  Unfortunately for Corky, and everyone around him, his grip on reality rapidly dissolves leaving Fats to take charge.

Hopkins carries Magic, providing the voice of Corky in addition to fulfilling his own role with downbeat gusto.  As deranged as he portrays Corky as being, he isn’t even a fraction as freaky as Fats.  And that voice!  [shudder].

Magic is very dated and extremely slow to get going, with the final 20 or 30 minutes providing most of the action.  I don’t see myself rushing to watch this again any time soon.

Score: 6/10

Watch the whole film here:


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