Bad horror: Christmas Evil

Which one is the killer Father Christmas?

Which one is the killer Father Christmas?

In my quest for a festive scare I happened upon Christmas Evil, the story of middle-aged toy factory supervisor with a Santa fixation. Scarred by childhood memories of his mum getting fruity with his dad – while he was wearing a Father Christmas costume – the adult Harry is obsessed with Christmas. He even keeps his own record of which neighbourhood children have been naughty, and which have been nice, and punishes them accordingly.

When he finds out that his employers are a shade dodgy, he goes totally ape and, well… ‘evil’ is a bit strong, but he does find time for a few festive killings.

Christmas Evil is very slow to get going, and when it does, I’m not convinced it’s actually worth the wait. The bad guy isn’t so much a bad guy as a deluded and disturbed one, and I can’t helping thinking the film loses something because of that.

Christmas Evil is so bad it’s bad.

Score: 3/10


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