The Brood

Good old Oliver Reed

Good old Oliver Reed

Ah, David Cronenberg, you mad, mad bastard. Who else could conceive of such an idea as found in The Brood?

Oliver Reed plays psychologist Hal Raglan, leading exponent of Psychoplasmics (no, I don’t know, either). His #1 patient Nola Carveth (played by a gloriously OTT Samantha Eggar) has lost her marbles and there is a horde of killer kiddies on the loose.

The Brood is kitsch, lurid and totally bonkers. If you like your horror to be a little ‘out there’ The Brood is for you.

Score: 7/10

13 responses to “The Brood

  1. The Brood!!! Your blog is awesome. Keep up the good work on choosing films like these to discuss. : ) You want a weird one? Have you seen From Beyond? I reviewed that for a Halloween Horror Fest thing I did in October.

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