Bad horror: Jack Frost

The bonkers premise: a murderer (aptly named Jack Frost) on his way to be executed is accidentally transformed into a snowman, escapes and goes on a murderous rampage.

He's behind you!

He’s behind you!

So, the killer snowman can shoot icicles from his snow hands, grow razor-sharp icicle teeth and melt into a pool of water, enabling him to easily get into any locked room. Handy, that. Anyway, Jack proceeds to murder the townsfolk using a variety of methods and even seems to shag poor old Shannon Elizabeth to death.

There’s no mistaking this as anything other than a B-movie, thanks to the outlandish scenario, low-budget and general badness of it. My main problem is that this kind of film should be fun, after all what else does it have going for it? And this just isn’t really much fun.

Jack Frost is about as bad as bad horror gets. So far it seems that Black Christmas (1974) stands alone in the Christmas horror cannon as the only good one. The quest continues…

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