Bad horror: He Knows You’re Alone

What's he doing here?

What’s he doing here?

I’ve seen a lot of horror films in my time, and it’s fair to say that the way killers select their victims is as varied as their methods of dispatch. Some select them on the basis of where they live (Elm Street is particularly dangerous), some on where they holiday (I hear Camp Crystal Lake is lovely this time of year) while others simply pick off the foreign tourists (And Soon the Darkness, Hostel, Wolf Creek).

Low-budget slasher flick, He Knows You’re Alone, is unique as far as I can tell insofar as the killer has a penchant for young women who are about to get married. It’s this slight departure from the norm that kept me watching.

Unsurprisingly it looks as though there was next to no budget and the characters are sketchily drawn. Annoyingly, we see the killer’s face right at the start of the film but (I’m sorry if this ruins it for you) we never really understand who he is, which was disappointing. The end result though, is somehow different to so many other mediocre horrors and has a certain charm. We often see little of the actual murders, cut-aways abound and blood is minimal, which is a rare and welcome change from the usual blood-fests we usually see within the genre.

Plus the opening scene was practically lifted wholesale from He Knows You’re Alone for Scream 2, and there’s a very young Tom Hanks which is worth a laugh.

Score: 6/10


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