The Body (El Cuerpo) (2012)

There should be a body on that table.

There should be a body on that table.

The Body centres on the mysterious disappearance of a rich business woman’s corpse from a Spanish morgue. Attractive, successful and powerful, Mayka Villaverde, played by a suitably cool Belén Rueda (The Orphanage, Julia’s Eyes), is shown through a series of flashbacks, thanks to which we fully understand how she came to be the body of the title.

I can’t really say too much more without giving the whole shebang away, so I’ll keep it brief. You could easily call The Body a ‘Hitchcockian’ murder mystery, and you wouldn’t be far wrong. Although it never manages to reach the heady heights of classic Hitchcock, there are some recognisable Hitchcock themes and flourishes.

The Body is an elegant old-fashioned thriller with an absorbing story, twists and turns aplenty and strong performances, particularly from Rueda. That said, I can’t help feeling that there’s something missing.

Score: 7/10

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