New Year’s Evil

I’m not a fan of new year’s eve. All the pressure to have a good time, the price hikes and door fees for local pubs that are usually free, and the queues? Urgh, every man and his dog apparently has to go out on new year’s eve. Not me. I’d much rather be home with a tasty meal, a bottle of wine and a nice old, fashioned horror film.

That’s where New Year’s Evil comes in. Made in 1980, it starts out like your run of the mill slasher flick with a murderer killing off pretty young women. This killer’s particular hook is NYE, though, and he plans to kill someone at midnight. That is, each time the clock strikes midnight in each US timezone. Quite an original premise for an 80s slasher film, no?

Not content to simply get on with his murders, he calls a NYE TV music show – no, not Jools Holland’s Hootenany – to tell the host of his intentions. “Call me Eeeeevvviiiiillll” he drawls. He also tells the host, Roz Kelly (she seems to be some sort of middle-aged punk/new wave icon for some reason) that she will be his last victim.

The NYE punk phone in show.  What a concept, huh?

The NYE punk phone in show. What a concept, huh?

We see the killer’s face straight away so there’s no mystery there, but we don’t find out until later who he is or what his problem is.

Although New Year’s Evil is a tacky low-budget 80s slasher film, there is the seed of an unusual and interesting idea. My biggest problem with this film is that the killer’s response to the perceived slight that caused his rampage is totally disproportionate – why didn’t he act differently? I guess we’re supposed to accept that slasher film killers don’t have the kind of logic and motivation that the rest of us will understand.

Happy new year, everyone! And stay safe.

If you’re so inclined you can watch the whole thing for free on YouTube

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