A Bucket of Blood

Dick Miller, who I remember best from Gremlins, stars as Walter Paisley, general dog’s body at a cafe full of beat poets and “artists”. He cuts a tragic figure of a man, desperate to fit in with, and be revered by the shallow hipsters he serves. He realises his dream, when, after accidentally killing his land lady’s cat, he covers it in clay, et voila! His first sculpture – dead cat.

The hipsters go nuts for it and demand more. But more sculptures means more dead bodies, and if you’ve ever watched a film before, you’ll guess it probably won’t end well for Walter.

Anxious?  Moi?

Anxious? Moi?

A Bucket of Blood is a kooky little film with an interesting, if crazy, premise and a good central performance by the young Dick Miller.

Score: 6/10

Watch the whole film here

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