I Married a Witch

I Married a Witch is a charming, effervescent and quirky little comedy starring the truly radiant Veronica Lake, as the witch of the title. It opens on some strangely hatted folks (for this is the 17th century) who’ve just burned a pair of witches at the stake. I don’t imagine anyone would take too kindly to that kind of treatment, and this father and daughter duo are no exception. They place a curse on the descendents of their chief persecutor – the future sons of the Wooley family will marry the wrong women and live in misery.

Not a wart in  sight, Veroica Lake makes witch-craft glamorous.

Not a wart in sight, Veroica Lake makes witch-craft glamorous.

The generations of Wooley men, do indeed suffer this fate, until the 1940s when the witches are released and return, in human form, to personally meddle in the life of politician Wallace Wooley. Thanks to a mix up with a love potion (yeah, that old chestnut), hilarity ensues.

At only 77 minutes long, which is a refreshing change from the three-hour epics that seem to be in vogue these days, you’ve really got nothing to lose.

Score: 7/10

Watch the whole thing here

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