You’re Next

This home invasion horror film sees the well-to-do Davisons head off to their rather grand country home to celebrate their anniversary, with their three grown-up children and their partners. Things turn to shit about a third of the way the film through (part way through their nice family dinner) when an arrow is shot through the dining room window.

The family flies into a mad panic, understandably, and as per the rules of horror films, they proceed to do the most monumentally stupid things imaginable. I don’t want to spoil it for you, just think along the lines of going to investigate a strange noise, and you’re in the right area.

This is one victim who doesn't take it lying down.

This is one victim who doesn’t take it lying down.

You’re Next has some really creepy scenes, some tense moments and the masks used by the killers are unnerving to say the least. Sharni Vinson kicks arse as Erin, and that’s always fun to see in a horror film – the girl who fights back instead of falling over/ hiding under the bed/ simply freezing with terror. Unfortunately, You’re Next is let down by some ropey acting and a predictable resolution.

Score: 6/10

4 responses to “You’re Next

  1. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel in terms of the home invasion genre but watching Shari Vinson kick a little ass makes this a fun watch for me. I do agree that it does become predictable but I didn’t mind. Great review

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