Basket Case

Basket Case opens on a naive young man, Duane Bradley, as he arrives at a sleazy New York motel with just his wicker basket for luggage.

“What’s in the basket?” Asks everyone he meets. It’s hard to talk about Basket Case without telling you what’s in the basket because it’s the whole point of the film. Besides, even the one paragraph blurb on IMBD tells you. So, SPOILER ALERT: his deformed conjoined twin is in the basket.

Is someone in there?

Is someone in there?

Through a series of flashbacks we learn that Duane and his twin were separated against their will, and now his twin is bent on revenge against the doctors who separated them. I should mention at this point that the deformed twin is basically a homicidal, lumpy head with a pair of arms attached.

Basket Case is seriously weird. The low production values, sleazy character and painfully bad acting should make it unwatchable and yet it manages to be strangely compelling. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t great but it is good fun. Luckily for me Basket Case spawned two sequels, so that’s my weekend taken care of.

Score: 6/10

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    • Thanks! I noticed it on the TV listings and recorded it – it sounded bonkers enough to warrant 90 minutes of my life, and it was!

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