Le Boucher

Le Boucher (The Butcher) tells the story of the glamorous headmistress of a rural school, and her friendship with the local butcher. Their friendship blossoms at the same time as a series of grisly murders in the local area.

That’s about it for plot. Le Boucher is a slow-moving thriller (is that a contradiction?) with strong but subtly nuanced performances from the two leads. The simmering tension between teacher, Hélène, and butcher Popaul builds gradually to a satisfying payoff.

Director Claude Chabrol seems to have been a big name in French cinema (forgive my obvious lack of knowledge) and I’ll be sure to keep my eyes peeled for more of his work.

Hélène and Popaul

Hélène and Popaul

Score: 7/10

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