Bad horror: Under the Bed

Zzzzzzzzz…  That’s precisely what I had no trouble doing after watching Under the Bed.  The prospect of an evil creature that lives under your bed, waiting quietly for you to turn the lights off and crawl into bed should be frightening indeed.  And it is.  In theory.  But not in this film.

Under the Bed tells the story of a teenage boy as he returns from a two-year stint living away with relatives, following the mysterious death of his mother.  When he arrives back in the bosom of his loving family – made up of a shouty and disapproving father, gormless step-mum and doting little brother – he soon finds that his bro’ is being terrorized by the very same creature who was previously after him.  Needless to say the ‘rents don’t believe them, until the smoke machine and bloke in a rubber demon costume can’t be ignored any more.

You have to give kudos to anyone who can make a film on what was obviously an extremely tight budget, but that’s no excuse for dreadful characters (seriously, the dad is a total arse), virtually non-existent narrative and lacklustre dialogue.  The worst thing about Under the Bed is that it’s taken an interesting premise – a universal childhood fear that there’s something under the bed that wants to get you – and made it quite tedious to the point I kind of wished the creature would just get the damn kids, already.

So boring its just bad.

Score: 4/10


2 responses to “Bad horror: Under the Bed

  1. Haha great review! I completely agree…I don’t know what bothered me more, the story or the performances?! One thing is for sure, there are many boogeyman movies that are much more decent than this one!

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