Bad horror: My Bloody Valentine (1981)

Valentine’s day comes but once a year, and if My Bloody Valentine is anything to go by, that is something to be very, very happy about.  Not only because of all the heart-gouging murders, but because of the sheer lacklustre naffness of it.

Showing the baddie early on in a horror film is almost always a bad idea

Showing the baddie early on in a horror film is almost always a bad idea

We arrive in a small mining town in the run up to Valentine’s day to find the youngsters (they don’t actually look all that young, mind) are all aquiver for the big Valentine’s dance.  Unfortunately for them, there’s a party pooper in town who sets about bumping off various locals and leaving threatening notes demanding they call off the dance.  Or die!

I don’t really want to dwell on the story because there isn’t much to dwell on so I’ll simply say that this is a low-budget valentine’s themed slasher that, like the hairstyles within, has not aged well.

Score: 3/10

6 responses to “Bad horror: My Bloody Valentine (1981)

    • Ha, so true! It’s like the outfit was the big motivator for setting it in a mining town! A dreadful waste of time, although it kind of makes me want to revist the remake. Maybe next year…

  1. I was actually thinking of watching this, or the 2009 remake, on Valentines Day, but I never ended up having time. Looks like it was good that I missed out on this one though. The trailer looks particularly awful! Well written review!

  2. Ha! I’ve always meant to watch this but just never got around to it. Yet, for some odd reason, I watched the godawful remake. Surely the remake is worse?!? :-/

    • Hmm…[holds hand in a scales moving up and down motion] that’s a tough one. I saw the remake aaaaaaages ago and I don’t remember hating it as much, although I might just have been really drunk.

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