Bad horror: The Apparition

Now would be a good time to catch some zzzzzzs

Now would be a good time to catch some zzzzzzs

Right, I’m going to make this quick.  Unpleasant experiences, like ripping off a plaster (or what my American cousins would call a Band-Aid), should be quick.

Something something paranormal experiment, something something spirit/entity is released, something something young couple suffers strange goings on at their new home something something who knows or cares what’s going on?

The Apparition is one of those films that is so monumentally bad you can’t help but wonder how it ever came into being.  How could someone contrive of such a turgid pile of dog doings?  How could it get the necessary financing?  How could the cast and crew all keep straight faces, or look at themselves in the mirror every morning while brushing their teeth?  How did it get a distribution deal?  The questions are many and the answers are elusive.

This is one of the most pointless films I’ve ever seen.  Totally devoid of plot, character development, tension, intrigue, humour or charm I really can’t fathom why this films exists.  Perhaps the most offensive thing about The Apparition is that it is just so dull.

Score: The Apparition is so bad it doesn’t exist in the same universe as scores



9 responses to “Bad horror: The Apparition

    • Ha, just seen it now. If only I’d checked the scores on IMDB or rotten tomatoes. One quick search and I could’ve saved myself from this dreadful film!

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