Foreign Favourites Series: Lady Vengeance (guest review)

Some words I wrote for Alex Raphael

Alex Raphael

One of the unexpected delights in setting up the Foreign Favourites series has been discovering new bloggers and their enthusiasm to contribute. This includes Laura O at Filmnerdblog, whose site is a delightful mix of film genres housing detailed and well written reviews. I have been catching up for lost time and really recommend you have a look too .

Lady Vengeance film poster

Film Favourites series: Lady Vengeance


Lady Vengeance is the final film in what’s become known as South Korean writer/director, Chan-Wook Park’s, Vengeance Trilogy.  And what a finale it is!  Don’t worry if you haven’t seen Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance or Oldboy, it isn’t that kind of trilogy.  Each film stands alone on its own merits and tells a separate story about unrelated characters and events.

So, to Lady Vengeance.  This film tells the story of Geum-ja Lee, a beautiful young woman who, when we meet her, has just…

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