Up yours as well, James McAvoy

Up yours as well, James McAvoy


Take a moment to imagine if Begbie had been the protagonist of Trainspotting.  [shudder].  No, I’m not sure that would’ve worked, either.  But that’s what I was reminded of as I watched the usually irritatingly bland James McAvoy terrorise the good people of Scotland, in the latest Irvine Welsh novel to make it to the big screen.

McAvoy plays dodgy cop Bruce Robertson who attempts to win a promotion by stitching up the competition while simultaneously trying (not very hard) to solve a murder, find his missing wife and cling on to his rapidly unravelling sanity.

Robertson is one of the most deeply unpleasant characters I’ve seen on film in a while, and at times I wondered why I was even watching him.  As the film progresses, though, there’s a vulnerability to the character and it becomes hard not to empathise with what is actually a very sad little man in the midst of a mental breakdown.

Filth is quite well-paced, if a little uneven and suffers from trying to cover too much content in too short a time (I’ve not read the book, but I’m sure it was a pretty hefty tome).  It’s competently acted with a unique story, some very salty language, a heap of cocaine, some photocopied penises and a smattering of masturbation and sex.

Score: 7/10

10 responses to “Filth

  1. “A smattering of masturbation and sex” — all the qualifiers I need to see a movie! No, but really, I have heard a variety of things about this movie but not the least of which is James McAvoy being a royal prick in this. I want to see it for that alone. Good review!

    • Thanks very much. As a rule I can’t stand James McAvoy but he’s such an enormous arse-hole in this that it’s kind of compelling. I hope you enjoy the film (although I’m not sure ‘enjoy’ is the right word!).

  2. I liked the movie, when I saw Welsh wrote the novel I was kinda prepared for all the ugliness that ensued. McAvoy was really amazing and carried the film.

  3. “Take a moment to imagine if Begbie had been the protagonist of Trainspotting.” – exactly! Ugh – that’s why I’m not bothered about seeing this. Although you’ve actually given it a decent rating! : )

    • I was kind of conflicted – I got more and more annoyed about what an utter shithead this guy was (and I’ve never been keen on McAvoy, so that doesn’t help). It does come together in the end though, even if it isn’t of Trainspotting calibre.

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