The East

Well, what a thoroughly dullboring (yes, that’s ‘dullboring’) 116 minutes that was.  The East centres on a young woman, whose name I can’t remember, who works for some sort of security firm or something.  She infiltrates a group of yoghurt-weaving do-gooders-cum-eco-terrorists who are trying to bring down big, bad corporate America via a series (well, three) morally questionable attacks.

When you don't have high-speed internet there's always spin the bottle

When you don’t have high-speed internet there’s always spin the bottle

The East poses (or tries to) some big questions about sustainability, responsibility and the nature of capitalism.  The trouble is, these subjects are handled in such a superficial manner it’s like watching Lorraine Kelly segue way onto human organ trafficking after the piece on the world’s cutest pony.   To me, it just doesn’t ring true.

Brit Marling reminds me of the poem that one of Monica Gellar’s boyfriends wrote for her (you all watched Friends, right?), The Empty Vase.  You know what I mean?  She’s lovely to look at but it doesn’t seem like there’s much going on beneath the surface.  Alexander Skarsgård stomps around looking all moody and Ellen Page just looks bored.  There was nothing in any of the performances or the characters to really make me like or care about anyone on-screen.  In fact about half way through I was basically willing them to get caught or killed just so I could go and get on with my life.

Score: 5/10




16 responses to “The East

  1. Hahaha! Love this review. And “dullboring” is an awesome word – that perfectly describes so many films! And love the Friends reference. I was curious about this one as I did really like Another Earth but then wasn’t crazy about Sound Of My Voice. This sounds even more dullboring than those…

    • I think this has the potential to be really good, for whatever that’s worth. Though I agree it is isn’t nearly as deep as it wants to be, or needs to be, to succeed.

    • It’s a shame. I really liked the look of it from the trailer, and it is a great premise but I just didn’t get on with it. It was too superficial in the way it dealt with the characters, and the time-span of events was just too narrow. I sort of wanted it to cover a period of years and show more of their work against the big corporations. Plus it was a bit too preachy.

  2. Great review. I don’t love this either, but it actually think it a touch better than you do. I think all of the performances very good.

    But the issues are not investigated with as much as it thinks they are.

    • I’m glad I could save you! There are too many awesome films in the world. If you’re not going to watch an awesome one, it needs to be so bad it’s good. This is just mediocre.

  3. Darn. I so wanted this to be good because of the underlying message. Sounds like it just stinks. Possibly because it couldn’t get the funding support it needed given its anti-capitalist stance… or is that me tossing out conspiracy theories again?

    • Ha! I was really disappointed, the trailer was so promising. I was expecting to follow the group for a more substantial period of time and see more about what they do and how.

      The characters also lacked depth which they attempted to counter using some clunky “and this is why I’m trying to bring down capitalism” speeches.

  4. Haven’t seen this, but love the Friends reference! Thought Brit Marling was very good in Another Earth and Sound of My Voice, so disappointed to hear this one ain’t up to par. Good review!


    • Perhaps I was a tad harsh because I disliked the film so much, but I’ve seen her in a couple of films and find her to be a bit of a cold fish.

  5. Good review Laura. Really did feel as if it was going somewhere, which is why when it ends on such a safe, conventional note, I couldn’t help but be terribly disappointed.

    • Thanks very much. I had high hope for this, the trailer made it seem very interesting, but I just found it to be a bit, umm, flat.

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