Bad horror: Inside

I watch a lot of horror films.  I bloody love them.   In spite of this, I’ve always believed that the shit ones outnumber the good.  Massively.  That’s why I started my ‘bad horror’ thread.   Now, most films that earn the dubious accolade have naff dialogue, low production values, ridiculous plots or bad acting.  Inside is different.  I’ve had to call this ‘bad horror’ because it is so monumentally grotesque, so outlandishly vile, so unforgivably unforgivable that my stomach is still churning.

Inside sees a heavily pregnant woman (the pregnancy is key, here) living alone and struggling to come to terms with the death of her baby’s father, in a car accident that almost killed her too.  As if the poor woman wasn’t having a shitty enough time of it already, there’s someone trying to get into her house.  Someone who knows she’s alone.  And who seems to know all about her.  That’s OK, so far.  We’ve seen plenty of big-breasted blonde teenagers being stalked in their own homes, haven’t we?  But if the victim could go into labour at any minute…?  Honestly, it just made me feel quite queasy.


The thing that makes this so incredibly distasteful (and that really isn’t a strong enough word) is what happens when the intruder gets in.  That’s really not a spoiler because a) the break in happens very early on and b) you can’t spoil something that’s already rotten.

I don’t think I want to pollute your mind any further by going into any more detail about the gruesome offering that is Inside.  I won’t tell you about the surprisingly high death toll.  The gallons and gallons of blood.  I won’t tell you about the knitting needle.  Or god forbid, the scissors.

If there is one good thing about this ugly film, it’s Alysson Paradis as the victim, Sarah.  That said, nobody is good enough to justify this.

In French with English subtitles.

Score: Inside doesn’t exist in the same universe as scores out of 10.


18 responses to “Bad horror: Inside

  1. I understand that you hated it and it really sounds very,very,,,,very bad! But for some reason, you kind of made me really curious about this one! What on earth is the knitting needle? I have to know! 😀

  2. “Inside doesn’t exist in the same universe as scores out of 10.” HA. Alrighty. I will just continue to not watch this. Nice review, Laura!

  3. Dang! That was on my viewing list! Even though I loath gore or torture for its own sake, I’m trying to branch out more! (I’m an acolyte to the King, Danse Macabre realm of thought.)

    That’s unfortunate. Are we talking a non-cerebral Martyrs? Something in the ballpark of an Eli Roth offering, what?

    • Well, if you’ve a strong stomach you may well like it. I read up on it afterwards and it seems to have plenty of fans. There’s a particular part that just went too far for me, and that kind of tainted the whole thing.

      • I have a very strong stomach, but I have hard stops. Rape and unnecessary torture are skips for me. Hostel and I Spit on Your Grave, while I’ve seen them both, are movies I had to get through.

      • I’m with you, there. Sexual violence and torture really don’t float my boat. (When you put it like that it sounds kind of obvious, doesn’t it? Like, why would it float anyone’s boat?!).

        I too struggled through Hostel (I’m not even sure why) and the original I Spit on Your Grave but wouldn’t want to revisit.

  4. This is in no way a bad horror movie. I think you should just stay away from this kind of horror – the French have been making a lot of those flicks lately and it’s clearly not something you’d enjoy.

    • Of course this is only my opinion, and as I said, I felt compelled to label it as bad purely because it was just so damn nasty.

      Generally I try to steer clear of torture films and the like, but I also try not to read too much about films before seeing them so I can make up my own mind. Sometimes that means seeing stuff that isn’t my cup of tea and you’re right, extreme French horror probably isn’t for me.

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