Bad horror: April Fool’s Day

So, in this tragically lame 1980s horror film, Muffy St John (that’s a girl’s name, apparently) invites a group of her college friends to stay at her parents’ secluded country house for the weekend. And lo, ’tis April fool’s day, and the idiot kids did play stupid pranks on each other all day. And ’tis all fun and games until someone metaphorically loses an eye.

Happy April Fool's!

Happy April Fool’s!

Our unlikable group of young adults end up at Muffy’s house where a series of unfortunate, ahem, accidents befalls them one-by-one, as is the law according to the Gods of predictable horror movies.

The novelty of an appearance by Thomas f. Wilson (Biff Tannen from one of my all time favourite films, Back to the Future) isn’t enough to raise this films to the realms of the watchable. There really are no redeeming features I can see, here. It’s just deadly dull, and the ending, if you can stick around that long, is a real ‘up yours’ to the viewer if ever I’ve seen one.

April Fool’s Day is so bad it’s bad.

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    • Yes! Muffy, Muffy, Muffy! I’m not sure how popular the name is stateside but we certainly don’t have it here in the UK.

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