Stuart: A Life Backwards

With Locke seemingly doing well in cinemas, and seeing as I’m not likely to get to see it until the DVD release, I thought this was a good excuse to have a look at one of Tom Hardy’s other roles.

Locke: the new film sees Tom Hardy driving.  A lot, apparently.

Locke: the new film sees Tom Hardy driving. A lot, apparently.

Stuart is the first thing I saw him in and, by the end, I was utterly stunned and emotionally wrung out.  He plays the titular Stuart, a homeless man who strikes up an unlikely friendship with a writer named Alexander Masters (none other than Benedict Bumberhutch).  Alex, curious to learn what could lead someone to such a low and unfortunate position in life, listens to Stuart’s life story.  The idea of telling the story backwards came from Stuart “tell it backwards, like a murder mystery” he says.  So that’s how it unravels.  From the day of their meeting, right back to Stuart’s troubled childhood, we learn about his life and begin to understand how he came to be on the streets.

Ben and Tom

Ben and Tom

Sometimes harrowing and sometimes very funny, Stuart: A Life Backwards is a touching story of one man’s difficult life, told with wit and lashings of dark humour, sympathy and honesty.  Stuart is a very bright fellow, and the saddest realisation as you watch is that, given a chance, his life could’ve panned out very differently.  I pride myself of on being a tough cookie but if this doesn’t have you welling up, you must be dead inside.

Cumberdunk is also on great form, but then that isn’t really news, is it?

If you get the chance, please see this film.  Or read the book.  Or both.  I read the book first and still loved the film, and how often does that happen?

Score: 9/10

If you think you’ll watch the film, maybe stop the trailer at 1.13 to avoid a potentially pesky spoiler.

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