Walled In

Not long after The O.C. (which was never my bag, incidentally) its rail-thin star Mischa Barton, appeared in this rather weird and pointless little film. Playing a demolition expert (yes, I thought that was an odd casting decision, too), she gets sent to a near deserted building in the middle of nowhere, with a view to razing it to the ground.

Being that this is meant to be a horror film, it turns out that the building’s architect was a homicidal loon and the building is actually a giant tomb designed to facilitate murder.

The building in question

The building in question

There’s really not much to be said about this one.  It ticks several of the traditional horror boxes: creepy kid?  Check.  Isolated location?  Check.  Pet dog?  Check (and we know what happens to them, in horror films).  Damsel in distress?  Check.  And that’s about it.  91 minutes, a mere dribble of blood and precisely no jump scares later the credits roll.  Basically, it’s a total snooze-fest.

Score: 3/10

5 responses to “Walled In

    • Urgh, so boring! I’m not sure if the novel it was based on is any good, but it was an interesting premise, just a shame it was so poorly executed.

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