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So, the Stuff is addictive, it makes people crazy, violent and then they seem to become very fragile (because just one punch and they seem to shatter and break into pieces.  Either that or the Stuff (that was inside their bodies since they ate it?) bursts forth from their mouths and um, well, to be honest I’m not sure.  I mean, it’s not exactly complicated, I’m just not sure that the people making it really knew what was what.

Go on, try it!

Go on, try it!

As 80s sci-fi-horror films go, the execution here is suitably hokey.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say some of the special effects are spectacularly bad, the acting is questionable to say the least, and there isn’t really enough substance to sustain the 93 minute run time.

The aforementioned not-so-special effects

The aforementioned not-so-special effects

You could argue that the film makes some interesting statements about consumerism, materialism, gluttony and the relentless march of the corporate machine but I think that’d be a bit pretentious, so I’ll just say that this is pretty bonkers.  Part of me thinks The Stuff is quite fun, but it’s a bit too daft to be scary or truly thought-prokoving and ultimately ends up just seeming silly.

Score: 5/10

4 responses to “The Stuff

  1. Wow! You watched it. I put myself through this one earlier in the year. Hard to believe it’s become a cult favourite. Amazing how nostalgia can change the playing field for a fundamentally crap film.

    • So true! A friend saw my write up and seemed quite put out that I didn’t think it was as brilliant as he did.

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