It’s tough to get a job these days.  There’s just so much competition for each role.  There are CVs to polish, assessment days to endure and interviews to get through.  It could make a person desperate.  It could make a person willing to go to extremes.  I’m not quite sure I can imagine anyone going to the kind of extremes on show here, though.  In short, Exam is quite ridiculous.

Eight candidates undertake an assessment for a supposedly dream job at a prestigious firm.  They’re given 80 minutes to answer a question, and win the job.  During the course of the 80 minutes, they proceed to argue, shout, tie each other up, there’s some mild torture, destruction of property, bullying and general unpleasantness.


[Sigh].  I don’t think I’d want to work for a company with such a screwed up recruitment process.  Now would I want to work anywhere that would sanction and reward the kind of behaviour on display here.

The premise is laughable, the characters, intolerable.  The events that take place are utterly ludicrous not to mention mind-bendingly infuriating.  This film, may however, be a pedant’s wet dream.  You’ll see what I mean if you ever see it.

The only good thing about Exam is when it ends. Oh and Colin Salmon, but he’s only in it for about a minute which is disappointing.

Score: a mediocre 5/10


7 responses to “Exam

  1. Yeah – this was a weird one. I may review it eventually but can’t really think what to say about it! I suppose it had a good idea but it didn’t really know where to go with it…

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