Alison is a young medical student who teams up with three boys in cadaver cutting class, only to realise the body is alive, or its spirit is haunting the lab, or something.  Everyone who comes into contact with the body seems to meet a grizzly end, although perhaps grizzly is overstating it. I can’t help thinking that gorehounds will be disappointed.


In the first few minutes, Unrest seems like it might be totally unwatchable.  I stuck with it though, and in spite of the fact it has some terrible characters (I’m looking at you, Brian), it started to get interesting.  The trainee doctors start their work, but, wait, is the cadaver breathing?  No.  No, it isn’t.  It’s a dead body.  But Alison can feel things.  “I can feel things”, she says.

In a move that I imagine would make sense to medical students everywhere, she decides to do some digging and find out the identity of the cadaver.  I bet that happens all the time.  Anyway, I’m not sure if my attention drifted here, or if it genuinely becomes unclear, but there’s something about an archaeological dig, some Aztecs and the goddess of prostitution (is that even a thing?).

In short, Unrest is quite stupid.  The acting isn’t the worst I’ve seen in a low-budget, straight to streaming horror film and they do a relatively good job of moving things along in the confines of one location. But, and it’s a big but…the plot, if you can call it a plot, is mental to the point where it barely makes any sense at all.  There are just SO MANY PLOT HOLES!

Besides the squirm inducing autopsy set piece, there really isn’t much in the way of blood and guts.  Nor are there any real jumps scares, although I will concede there are some parts that did build the tension, even is the pay off never really measures up.

Score: a slightly shit but not the worst I’ve seen 5/10


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