We all know how terrifying clowns are, but what about one that who has risen from the dead?  One whose death you caused, but who’s back and wants revenge…  Probably even scarier, right?  Scary but hilariously bad.  That’s what we have here.

Successful Geordie comedian, Ross Noble, plays the titular Stitches, an ill-mannered, foul-mouthed children’s entertainer who meets a grisly end while on the job.  Unsurprisingly the birthday boy at that fatal party is deeply traumatized.  He’s haunted by the events of that day and refuses to celebrate future birthdays, but when his friends realise he’ll be home alone on his 16th birthday (years later), they arrange a party and everyone’s invited.  Even the long dead clown, Stitches.  And it’s pretty safe to say he holds a grudge.


Queue some utterly abysmal, groan-inducing dialogue, questionable effects and dreadful characters.  Some of these kids are just so horrible, I was practically cheering Stitches on, in his gruesome endeavours.  And some of these deaths are hilarious, which is a bonus.  Look out for the ice cream scoop.

Unfortunately, the comedy element let’s it down which is a shame, because the performances by the young actors are generally quite good.

Score: 6/10 because it’s so bad it’s almost good.



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