The Tripper

So, I’ve been trying to find a terrible film for Shitfest over at IPC and while my last choice failed to make the grade (because it was actually quite good), this one was a real contender.  What an utter, steaming pile of dog turds.  I mean, seriously.  Hot, runny, steaming.  Dog shit.  The kind you can smell before you see where it is, because the stench is so strong.  I truly cannot express in words that exist within the English language how unforgivably bad this film is.

The Tripper sees a gaggle of annoying stoners heading off into the woods to what must be the world’s smallest and crappiest music festival, which is run by Pee Wee Herman.  Once there they get picked off, one by one, by an axe-wielding psychiatric patient wearing a Ronald Reagan mask, because for some reason this makes sense.

Heeeeeeere's Ronnie!

Heeeeeeere’s Ronnie!

Here are some things that happen: Pee Wee Herman climbs into a toilet, there are some naked hippies, Thomas Jane has a handle-bar moustache, a little boy kills a man with a chainsaw and Courtney Cox is attacked by dogs.  actually,  I quite enjoyed that last bit.

Now, I can see that it’s meant to be tongue in cheek, I think it’s meant to be fun, but for me, it just doesn’t work.  On any level.  I can’t help but think writer/director David Arquette had ideas above his station, here, probably thanks to the success of the Scream series.  The Tripper is proof, if proof were needed, that you can’t just pull an idea for a horror film out of your arse and hope for the best.

Score: 3/10 for the moustache and the dog attack


6 responses to “The Tripper

  1. Unless your husband is a Coen brother, you don’t let him direct you in his bonkers movies.

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