The Shitlist – my top 10 most irritating actors

This post is inspired by Abbi over at Where the Wild Things Are, who recently posted a very funny piece entitled ”The top 10 actors that irrationally annoy the shit out of me’.

In no particular order, here is my own top 10.  Or should that be bottom 10?

Ben Affleck: I’m not really sure why he annoys me so much.  Maybe it’s that whole all-American square jaw thing.  I basically don’t like the guy’s face, and would be put off watching anything with him in.  I mean, did you see Pearl Harbour?  Pee-eew!

Irritation exception: Argo.  Even I have to admit it was quite good.

Look at that smug grin!  Argh!

Look at that smug grin! Argh!


Bradley Cooper.  Argh!  There’s a definite Ben Affleck thing about this guy insofar as I can’t stand his face.  I know plenty of girls who think he’s the bee’s knees but I just cannot see it. It’s like all the individual elements are there, but they just haven’t been put together properly.  Like a Picasso.  Oh, and he’s got all the acting prowess of Speak and Spell toy.

Irritation exception: I’ve yet to find one.

Hugh Grant: thankfully he doesn’t seem to have been that busy recently, but he is so annoying.  That faux bumbling, floppy-haired fop thing is so irritating.  Just stand up straight and spit it out, man!

Irritation exception: About a Boy.  I really enjoyed Nick Hornby’s novel, so thankfully they did a good job with the film.  And Hugh is a lot less annoying when he’s being a bastard.

Err err umm err

Err err umm err


Orlando Bloom: offensive in his insipidness.  Totally lacking in charisma, sex appeal and star power and yet inexplicably successful.  Go figure!

Irritation exception: when he punched Justin Bieber in the face.  Go Orlando!

Simply blah

Simply blah

Christian Bale: perhaps it’s because he’s known to be a massive douche in real life or perhaps it’s because I cannot bear his gravelly, growly Batman voice.  Perhaps it’s a combination.

Irritation exception: The Machinist


Adam Sandler: do I need a reason other than his entire back catalogue?  So juvenile but worst of all… Just.  Not.  Funny.

Irritation exception: The Wedding Singer


So. Annoying.

Jude Law: oh my god, just so irritating.  He’s a creep and whenever I see him I want to go and have a shower.  Yuk.

Irritation exception: umm…

Look at that smug grin

Look at that smug grin

Robert Pattinson: as if the Twilight saga wasn’t enough on its own, there’s the fact he actually had a relationship with Kristen Stewart – the most sulkiest A-lister in Hollywood history.  Can you imagine a night out on the town with these two?  Thank god they didn’t breed!

Irritation exception: not yet


Jesse Eisenberg: this guy is the real-life embodiment of the word ‘irritating’.  His face, his hair, his knock-off Woody Allen shtick.  Puhlease!

Irritation exception: not likely

Even his hair is annoying!

Even his hair is annoying!

Which actors annoy the shit out of you…?

33 responses to “The Shitlist – my top 10 most irritating actors

    • Urgh, so annoying! I’m looking forward to putting my top 10 annoying actress list together. So. Many. Annoying. Actresses!

      Thanks for the inspiration.

    • I’ll happily stand up and pledge allegiance to the Anti-Bale league. Pretentious egomaniac who’s nowhere near as good as he thinks we should think he is.

  1. Wow, our lists are so different and that’s why I love that Abbi’s idea is spreading. I love Eisenberg, Bale and Affleck and even included Cooper and Law in my “Top 10 actors I’d watch in anything”. However, I do agree on Sandler, Bloom and Pattinson.

  2. Interesting. Bale is a bit like Marmite for me…sometimes I love his stuff, other times I think he’s an over-actor. Jesse Eisenberg was pretty good in Zombieland and also The Social Network, but otherwise he’s becoming a bit of a caricature of himself (Now You See Me). I like Cooper and Grant in most things. Damn you got me thinking now…who irritates me?

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  4. This is so funny! The irritation exception for Orlando!!!!

    I also dislike Bale (but love The Machinist!), HATE Adam Sandler, am confused over Cooper’s success/appeal and totally get the Ben Affleck jaw thing!

    I really hate Dominic….I think it’s Dominic West? He was in The Wire anyway, I believe.


    • Hey you! I concur re the Machinist, but wasn’t that before he became a colossal douche? I think the others are all dreadful, except I’ve since changed my mind about Mcavoy, thanks to that Irvine Welsh adaptation and a Graham Norton interview he did along with Fassbender and Jackman.

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