The Double

There was always a risk I wasn’t going to like The Double.  I tried (and failed) to watch director Richard Ayoade’s début Submarine, and I cannot stand Jesse Eisenberg.  And this film has two of him.  Two!  I gave it a go anyway, but it was essentially a doomed endeavour.  I really didn’t like The Double.

Set in a gloomy world that reminded me a little of 1984 or Brazil, The Double follows Simon James (or is it James Simon, I already can’t remember).  A dour office clerk and all-round sad sack, he’s over-looked by his boss, co-workers and even his own mum, things take a turn for the worse when his doppelgänger shows up.  The guy has the same face but is (or is apparently perceived to be) charismatic (although I don’t see it) and charming, instantly winning everyone over, and further overshadowing James Simon/Simon James or whatever his name is.

Twice as irritating

Twice as irritating

That’s about it.  I liked the style of the film, the creeping sense of paranoia and helplessness, and the casting of so many familiar faces.   Unfortunately though, I really still just cannot abide Eisenberg, I didn’t think there was enough depth to the characters and the ending left me cold.

This is a real shame because I really enjoy Ayoade’s acting.  Have you seen The IT Crowd?  The guy is hilarious!  Maybe his next directorial outing will be more my cup of tea.

Score: 4/10

3 responses to “The Double

  1. YES!!


    I HATE Eisenberg and subsequently hate this movie for existing.


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