Monuments Men

Basically, Ocean’s Eleven save some art from the Nazis.  You want more detail?  George Clooney blah blah, Matt Damon, hot French guy from the Artist blah blah, posh bloke from Downton.  Curious tone – is it a comedy, is it drama?  Who can tell?  Cate Blanchett with a terrible French accent.  Hurrah for art, for what are we if we don’t have our art?  Oh the humanity!  Some of them die.  Some art gets saved.

Ocean's 14

Ocean’s 14


Monuments Men is messy and uneven, the tone is all over the place and it feels like it isn’t sure what it wants to be.

Score: 4/10

Why not just watch a documentary instead?



4 responses to “Monuments Men

  1. Ha ha! I liked your comparison to “Ocean’s Eleven”, which it really is.

    I didn’t mind this film. I ended up seeing it twice (long story) and I decided to like it the second time through. I thought the scene of Bill Murray in the shower, listening to the recording his family at home sent him, was quite moving.

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