5 films I like that everyone else seems to hate

A friend (on Facebook) challenged me to list five films I like that everyone else seems to hate. This was really hard, and has taken an awful lot of thought so I wanted to share it with you guys too.  It’s worth noting that a list of films I hate that everyone loves, would be a piece of piss!  Maybe I’ll do that next.  Anyway, after a struggle I’ve come up with five: in no particular order…



1. Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
This one gets a lot of stick, but I like it. It has Johnny Depp doing a terrible English accent. Helena Bonham Carter doing a terrible English accent (even though she‘s English, so she should know better). Sacha Baron Cohen doing a terrible Italian accent (just to mix it up). It has singing, and blood and guts, and inadvertent cannibalism. What more do you people want?

2. The Wicker Man (remake)
I don’t think I need to explain myself

3. Demolition Man
So 90s it hurts! This is apparently what we thought the future would be like back in 1993: no swearing, no junk food, no sex, no crime no doing anything bad for you, basically. A place where the only restaurant is Taco Bell, rebels who want to eat meat have to live underground, and you have to thaw out a cryogenically frozen bad guy and renegade cop if you want some action.

4. From Hell
More Johnny Depp (oh, how I love that man) and another bad cockney twang. He’s joined by Heather Graham.

this time, who does a pretty fine bad East End accent herself. Does this film unravel the mystery of Saucy Jack’s hitherto unknown identity? Does it bollocks, but I had fun anyway.

5. Bram Stoker’s Dracula
What is it about an American putting on a dodgy English accent that is so damn fun? I don’t know, but Keanu Reeves does a fantastically bad job here. It has Gary Oldman too, and he’s a legend, so that’s good enough for me.

Which films do you like that everyone else seems to hate?


36 responses to “5 films I like that everyone else seems to hate

    • Hurrah! I sort of thought that my assumption everyone hates these would be proven wrong. Everyone I know in the 3D world hated these (except my mum who liked From Hell).

  1. I’ve started blogging about films I have a soft spot for despite their terrible reputations under a thread called “Guilty Pleasures”. You’re definitely not alone in your Demolition Man affection – it’s a great movie and I wouldn’t even categorise that as a guilty pleasure. Be proud of your love for that one, and be well.

    • Yes! It is good, isn’t it? It didn’t even occur to me that anyone would dislike it until I saw it appear as an entry in Summer Shitfest.

      I’ll definitely checkout your guilty pleasures thread.

  2. Great post. This year I loved Tammy in spite of all the negative reviews! I thought it took a very sensitive look at what it means to be undervalued by the world. Wish more people felt the same way!

  3. The Wicker Man, eh??

    I like a LOT of movies that everyone else seems to hate. And HATE a lot of movies that everyone seems to love…….

    I don’t know if that’s a 🙂 or a 😦 but it’s the case….

  4. All but one are very good movies. Demolition Man is awesome, SO is Bram Stoker’s Dracula. But I cant defend you on the Wicker Man remake, just because the original is so damn good

  5. What? People hate on Demonstration Man? That film was awesome (in a guilty pleasure, switch off your mind way). Glad I’m not the only one who likes From Hell – underrated film.

      • This is why I should turn off predictive text on my phone when replying back to comments! Demonstration Man hahaha.

        I need to spread the word on From Hell. My choice of film that people hate that I love – Prometheus. Yes there were moments that were dumb, not even I could defend it, but I respect and love the journey.

      • LOL Demonstration Man ideally starring Arnie as he demonstrates…his awesome one liners!

        I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes Prometheus!

  6. Bram Stoker’s Dracula is one of my fave horror films and Dracula films – I don’t know why it inspires such a hate-fest from horror fans. I think it has something to do with Keannu and Ryder haters but I think they both play good parts in this. It’s lush and fluid cinematography is outstanding.

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  8. Is Dracula really hated? I kind of live in my own little bubble sometimes, so I don’t often know what’s popular with other people. Me, I absolutely love it, even with Keanu :-p

  9. Sweeney Todd would have been excellent if not for all of that singing.

    The Wicker Man was about as much fun to watch as staring at a blank wall. 🙂

    I liked Demo Man, but it could’ve been MUCH BETTER!

    I haven’t watched “From Hell” yet, but I’ve actually had the DVD for years.

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