5 films I can’t stand, that everyone else seems to love

I recently posted a list of 5 films I like that everyone else seems to hate, so it only seems right to share the ones that I don’t like, even though everyone else seems to.  Some of this can’t be explained in rational terms, it’s just instinctive, like knowing whether or not you like pickled onions (I don’t, by the way).  Anyway, here we are, in no particular order…

Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

I know a whole load of reasonable, sane and quite intelligent people who love this film.  Adore it!  They quote it often and at length, and were virtually over the moon when the sequel was announced.  I just don’t get it, and simply find myself stony-faced whenever it’s on TV or I hear lines quoted.  The humour just passes me by and my ribs remain resolutely un-tickled.


Touch of Evil

Yes, the opening shot is something to behold.  The way the camera tracks along the street, following Charlton Heston and Janet Leigh, taking in all the characters on the busy street.  Yes, it’s quite special.  The lighting and cinematography, the direction and (some of) the performances are all good, too.  I just didn’t enjoy the story, and didn’t really get on with the dialogue.  I’m sure Orson Welles would give half a shit about my opinion, so it’s all good!



Being a child of the 80s, I grew up with this one so I am well aware that it holds a special place in many hearts.  The lonely young boy’s unlikely friendship with the titular E.T., scream queen Dee Wallace and a tiny and ever so cute Drew Barrymore: what’s not to like?  I’m not totally sure, but I just can’t stand it.



I saw this at the cinema, and while the action sequences were top-notch (well done, Richie Cunningham), the whole thing left me cold.  Both James Hunt and Niki Lauda, the real-life Formula One stars of the 70s, are presented as caricatures.  Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) is the slutty playboy, reckless and instinctive while Lauda (Daniel Brühl) is uptight, serious and precise.  Oh, they’ll never get on, what larks!  



Slumdog Millionaire

I saw this at the cinema too, at a preview about three weeks before its general release so I can’t even say that I was disappointed that it didn’t live up to the hype.  There hadn’t really been any hype at that point!  I know Danny Boyle is a great director and I love a lot of his other stuff, but not this.  The lead character is a drip, the romance is saccharine and the story is too incredible for one that so badly wants us to believe.


So, which crowd-pleasers don’t you like…?

31 responses to “5 films I can’t stand, that everyone else seems to love

  1. While I can’t say I hate any of them (and I haven’t seen Touch Of Evil), I don’t feel strongly enough about any of them to feel I have to defend them, not even ET. The only one I can think of where I seem completely out of step with the majority (so not something like The Dark Knight Rises which has pretty mixed reputation) would be Forrest Gump. The hype around it so annoyed me that I avoided it for years and then eventually watched it and was thoroughly unimpressed.

  2. I FUCKING hate Anchorman AND Rush!




    I’ve seen E.T. when I was a kid but it doesn’t hold anything special in my heart.

    I’ve never been arsed to see Slumdog….

  3. Yep, films you don’t like but I do. The only one on the list that I agree with you on is Anchorman. My own list would include “The Wolf of Wall Street”, “Fight Club” and “Donnie Darko”.

  4. Solid List. Touch of Evil was good but I wouldnt watch it again. Same thing for Slumdog Millionaire. I liked it but wouldnt need to sit through it again. ET holds a special place in my heart and I do love it.

    • Thanks! What would your list look like? I’m always intrigued to see how far or close my own opinions are to other people’s.

  5. I’m with you on E.T. but I loved Rush and Anchorman. For me it’s got to be Dirty Dancing. Bored. Senseless.

    • Ahahaahaha! I think you may hate it even more than I do! Honestly, why did everyone think it was so good? The documentary on the subject was so much better.

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  8. Okay

    I hate Anchorman. I don’t get it! It’s stupid!! And I fucking hated Slumdog!!! I actually reviewed that for my IMDB thing and I trashed it – has to be my most hated top 250 film so far. (But ET and Rush are awesome) 😉

    • These posts are really interesting because you suddenly realise exactly how near or far your views are from other people’s. At least we agree on some of these!

  9. Thank the maker! At last, someone else who doesn’t like Anchorman. It feels like everyone in my life constantly keeps telling me how hilarious it is. Then I watched it in a room full of people dying with laughter. I think that’s possible the loneliest that I’ve ever felt in my entire life. This film makes me feel like an outcast, a misfit. And I hate it for that.

    • I can totally relate to that. Anchorman is a weird one because the fans either don’t realise you don’t find it funny, or else they don’t believe, and try to convince you you’re wrong. But…now you know you’re not alone!

  10. “Rush” looks boring as heck, so I skipped it.

    But “Anchorman” is one of my favorite comedies! You didn’t think it was funny when he dropped into the enclosure with the bear – and his dog rescued him?? LOL.

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