Sexy Evil Genius

So, while scrolling through Netflix I saw a picture for a film starring Oz and Dawn from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I thought to myself ‘how cool, that could be fun’.


And then I saw that it also had the guy who played Mercutio in Baz Luhrman’s Romeo + Juliet, and I love that guy, so I thought ‘great, I love that guy’.


Then I saw it had Katee Sackhoff and I’ve only seen her in a Big Bang Theory cameo and the quite bad Haunting in Connecticut 2 and I thought ‘well, I don’t know much about her, she could be good’.


But then I noticed there’s a Baldwin involved.  Not the good one, one of the other ones.  Hmm.  That’s not a good sign.


The sexy, evil genius of the title is played by Sackhoff, who for some reason has summoned a bunch of exes to meet her in a bar after she is released from a psychiatric hospital for murdering her boyfriend.  So then the exes go around the table, telling tales of their relationships with Sackhoff’s Nicky (which we see through a series of flashbacks) in order to try to establish why she has brought them all together.

The stories of Nicky’s past required such an enormous effort for me to suspend my disbelief, that I was actually pretty exhausted by the end.  The whole thing feels convoluted, the pace is drawn out and slow, and as I said before, completely unbelievable.   I didn’t hate it, I mean, I watch a lot of crap films and this isn’t really crap but… it was pretty boring.  And to have such a massive build up for such a nothing finale?  Talk about annoying!

Score: 5/10

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