Gone Girl

I watched Gone Girl last weekend.  It’s quite good, isn’t it?  I’m not going to outline the plot because there are virtually hundreds of reviews on my Reader right now so I know you’ve probably a) already seen it, b) read the book or c) have read other reviews already.

Anyway, I usually dislike Ben Affleck intensely.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe he’s just too all-American-square-jawed-beef-cakey for my tastes.  Maybe it’s the smug expression…


Maybe it’s because he does things like this:


And this:


And this:



But I find him infinitely more likeable, as an actor, when he’s playing an utter bastard.  So Gone Girl worked for me, on that front.

Rosamund Pike is an adorable actress and does a really good job too, which is good because this thing is about two and a half hours long.


While I did leave the cinema thinking ‘yeah, that’s a pretty good film’ and there were enough twists and turns to cause a serious case of motion sickness, there was something I didn’t like, and I haven’t been able to put my finger on it.

Maybe I’ll watch it again when it arrives at Lovefilm or Netflix, and see if I can figure it out then.  For now though, I’d have to say it’s a solid thriller that should keep even the most hyperactive of minds engaged.

Score: 7/10



10 responses to “Gone Girl

  1. I saw this! I liked it. I also had to pee about halfway in and this movie was five hours long.

    • I’m glad it wasn’t just me. I wish I could pin it down, though, that ‘not quite right’ thing. It’s like a maddening itch right in the back of my brain!

  2. I liked Gone Girl. I didn’t love it. Nice review!

    Also, I can’t believe that’s Affleck on the Gigli cover! He looks better now, I think.

    • Thanks Kristin!

      He looks weird doesn’t he? Like his skin is too tight, or something. I think he’s getting better with age, and I’ll be more open to watching his films having seen Argo and Gone Girl.

      • It does!

        I’m glad – I actually really like Ben Affleck, despite his choices in being a part of some pretty crappy films. His most recent work is certainly his best in his overall filmography.

    • Yes, I’ll definitely be on the lookout for her in future. As for Affleck…he is just so smug! Usually I hate that about him, but it was perfect for this character, and it was also essential to the story.

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