Stupid.  Horrible.  Awful.  Pointless.  Boring.  All these words can be used to accurately and succinctly sum up the abomination that is Stitchface (or Stitch as it appears on IMDB).  Seriously, this is utterly terrible.  I actually had to watch some parts on double speed just to get through it.

I bet Edward Furlong wished he could fast forward it, too

I bet Edward Furlong wished he could fast forward it, too

I was drawn in because it sounded a bit like Wake Wood which was a bloody excellent film compared to this dross.  The similarity being that they both centre on a couple who are struggling to come to terms with the death of their young daughter.  In Stitchface, the couple retreats to a house in the desert with their closest friends, to complete some sort of weird healing ritual.  All manner of strange business then starts happening but they seem like a pretty awful bunch of people with a serious lack of redeeming characteristics so who really cares?

I can’t help but feel bad for poor old Edward Furlong.  He showed such promise as the young John Conner in Terminator 2, that he’s appearing in stuff like this, but then I suppose child actors aren’t the luckiest breed.



19 responses to “Stitchface

  1. I totally believe you that this is awful but I still want to kinda believe it could be good! Just the title, the dreadful picture of Furlong (you’re right!) and the premise – it’s a pity as it sounds like my cup of tea.

    P.S I really liked Wake Wood too! Great idea and made really well. Wasn’t it a new Hammer Horror as well?

    • Yep, Wake Wood was Hammer. I love Aiden Gillen, and Timothy Spall was really good too. Stitchface, not so much. I’d love for you to watch it though, so you can tell me what you think…

      • Timothy Spall was good except I think he forgot he was supposed to be Irish a few times lol.

        Do you remember (or did you ever watch) Queer As Folk? Aiden Gillen!!!

        I might try Stitchface. ….One day!

      • Yessssss! I loved Queer as Folk! I never bothered with the US version, though.

        It’s good to see that Charlie Hunnam has done well for himself, too.

      • I didn’t realise there was one!!! (US version. Why do they need to American-ize everything?!!!)

        I’d love to re-watch that programme!! I bet Charlie Hunnam looked very cute 🙂

      • Urgh, I know. Did yo ever see their Men Behaving Badly, or even worse Fawlty Towers? URGH! Happy to say I’ve never seen the US Queer as Folk, the original was so good, talk about unnecessary.

      • No but I’m giggling just at the thought of them!!!!!! They both seem way too British!

        I know they did The Inbetweeners and Shameless, which seems faintly ridiculous. And I HATE the US version of The Office. Grrrrr!

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