Julia’s Eyes

Starring Belén Rueda (The Body), this Spanish language film tells the story of Julia, a woman with a degenerative eye condition that will eventually leave her blind.  The film opens following the (suspicious) death of her sister Sara, who suffered the same condition.  As Julia’s eyesight worsens, she tries to unravel the truth about her sister’s death, before it’s too late.

Julia, post eye operation

Julia, post eye operation

Julia’s Eyes only scored 6.6 on IMDB, and the message boards are full of scathing comments and there’s even one entitled simply “Walked out”.  What the hell?!  Now, I know I watch a lot of crap films (as anyone who’s been here before will also know), and this is not a crap film.  Yes, there are a lot of plot holes.  Yes, the lead character can be pretty stupid.  Yes, the actual ‘mystery’ is pretty predictable which is a shame, because it had a lot of potential.  But…BUT…!

It’s an interesting premise, the performances are good (much better than many in mainstream Hollywood movies), it’s stylishly shot and it looks good.  It’s flawed but worth watching if you like thrillers.

Spanish with English subtitles.

Score: 7/10

11 responses to “Julia’s Eyes

    • Haha, yep! I think this was on Film4 late one night so I recorded it. Same goes for Ils.

      I’ve currently got UK Netfilx which is SO SHIT but I got pissed off and cancelled streaming with Lovefilm when it switched to Amazon. Do they have to own EVERYTHING?! Plus I didn’t like the search functions and how lots of stuff seemed to suddenly have extra fees even though I was on the top subscription. Greedy, grasping bastards! I’m not sure we’ve got many other options in the UK though : (

  1. This has been on my ‘must watch’ list…..forever! I will watch it soon, I know I will enjoy it 🙂

    P.S I was nosing at the comments section, my brother somehow has the USA Netflix (we live in the UK) as he was pissed off with the UK version too. It can be done!

    P.P.S I used to love Lovefilm!!!!! No way am I using them now it’s run by Amazon…… (the setup is shit!)

    • Hope you like it! By no means a perfect film but a decent thriller if you can resist the temptation to pick holes.

      I’m going to cancel Netflix when I’ve watched American Horror Story. I HATE Amazon online out of principal but might give it another go out of desperation. But maybe I should look i to US Netflix…

      • My brother reckons it a lot better but I’ve not tried it myself yet. Love American Horror Story and wanna watch Bates Motel too 🙂

        I don’t mind picking holes 🙂

        I really enjoyed The Orphanage starring that same actress and I remember this came out quite soon after, been meaning to watch it ever since, years I think!! I’ll let you know what I think, thanks Laura!

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