Ils (Them)

The first time I saw Ils, it scared the crap out of me.  Unfortunately, the second time around it was a little less effective, but is still a pretty good film, and is one I’d recommend to fellow horror fiends.

The story is simple enough: a couple living in rambling and slightly ram-shackle house in the middle of the countryside, are terrorised by unknown intruders.  What makes Ils so effective, as when any home invasion film gets it right, is that sense that something like this actually could happen.   Plus, the prospect that you might not be safe in your own home, that someone could break into that place where you’re meant to be safe.  The place where you sleep, and are most vulnerable.  Now, how scary is that?  [Shudder].


Clem and her husband listening out for strange noises

There are some really tense moments during Ils, right from the car accident at the start, to the chase towards the end.  While I liked that there was no supernatural element – these types of films are always scarier when the bad guy is someone you might pass on the street without noticing – when I learned who was stalking our previously happy couple I was somewhat disappointed.  The events of the rest of the film, don’t really support the final reveal, and upon watching a second time this was a little irritating.

Score: 7/10


5 responses to “Ils (Them)

  1. I’ve ordered this from NetFlix twice and both times I got a copy so scratched it wouldn’t play…..


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