Black Rock

I saw this described (I don’t remember where) as “Deliverance with women”.  There are indeed similarities: in both films a group of friends are stranded in the wilderness and hunted by strangers who mean to do them harm.  While I liked Black Rock well enough, it’s no Deliverance.  Deliverance is a classic.

This one sees a young woman, Sarah (Kate Bosworth), try to get her estranged best friends back together by tricking them into visiting a deserted island for a weekend getaway.  There they bump into three guys on a hunting trip, but things take a pretty unbelievable turn for the worse when they all start boozing around the camp-fire.  In fact it all goes completely to shit.  I mean, you can safely say this won’t be anyone’s list of top 10 mini-breaks.

Kate Bosworth doesn't look this happy for long!

Kate Bosworth doesn’t look this happy for long!

One of the things I liked about this is the mixture of stupidity and bad-assery of our female leads: let’s be honest, this is what any good horror film needs.  What I didn’t like was how easily their antagonists went of the deep end, their behaviour becoming so extreme so quickly it was hard to believe they’d got through life without something like this happening sooner.  How, exactly would anyone but the most unhinged react this way?

This complaint aside there were enough twists and surprises to keep me interested, I liked Kate Bosworth and Lake Bell a lot and trust me, there are plenty worse horror/thrillers out there than this.  Honestly, I’m not sure what the good people of IMDB were expecting to make them so disappointed that they would only give it an average of 4.7!

Score: 7/10

20 responses to “Black Rock

  1. Hmm. I almost watched this the other day as I saw it was on Netflix but was put off seeing it had a low rating. But I think I trust you more! Might check it out. Eventually. 🙂

    • I thought the rating was a bit harsh, but remember I watch a lot of really shitty horror! If you so stumble across it on Netfllix you could do a lot worse.

    • I’ve come to realise that if you go into horror films in the knowledge that, generally speaking, an awful lot of them are shit, you’re less likely to be disappointed! This isn’t a classic but it is loads better than most of the other shit on Netflix. I thought it was pretty solid. I hope you like it!

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