The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

If you were to disagree with my theory that children are scary, I could point you to any number of films…and this, is definitely one of them.

The Little Girl in question is Jodie Foster, who plays 13 Rynn.  A girl who is so advanced for her years that it almost seems inevitable that she’s going to get in some kind of trouble.  Raised by a father who has taught her to be independent, Rynn is fiercely so.  She is self-assured, intelligent, cunning even, and despite her obvious vulnerability, she has more  Brighton.


Foster expertly portrays Rynn’s complexity, creating a real sense of danger – we really believe this girl could be capable of anything.  Even when Rynn is on the back foot and it seems things could go wrong for her at any minute, there’s a feeling that she’ll turn it around and come off better than anyone who tries to disrupt her way of life.

Foster looks so angelic, and so young, her maturity is indeed unsettling.  It really is hard to believe that anyone else could have pulled this off.

It’s also worth mentioning Martin Sheen’s turn as the implied local paedophile.  Blimey, he’s good!  He gives Foster a run for her money, but essentially this is her show.

Score: 7/10

16 responses to “The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

  1. Wow, never heard of this before!!! But looks VERY interesting, I’m going to look it up now and see if I can watch it somewhere 🙂 nice review!

  2. I know we’ve discussed the fear of children and bonded elsewhere but I thought you’d appreciate this:

    Last Saturday the wife and I went out to eat lunch. I had some ribs and after I was done I went to wash my hands. Well, the running water made me have to pee so I dried off my hands and turned around to the urinals. Standing in front of me was a little kid with his fucking pants around his ankles and his ass out pissing everywhere.

    And he was staring at me.


    • That. Is. Freaky! And the worst thing is that you can’t even smack them these days.

      Oh, keep your eyes peeled for my scary kids post. Hoping to finish in time for Halloween.

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    • It’s certainly low profile enough that a remake could work. Who would you cast, though? I’m not sure I could see anyone but Foster and Sheen, now.

    • I forgot that she’s acually really good. I think the last thing I saw here in was Elysium which I really didn’t like.

      • I heard that Elysium had a big environment agenda, so I didn’t bother with it. I think she’s a great actress, but I feel like she hasn’t don’t anything that great in a while. Wasn’t she in The Beaver? It’s another one I haven’t seen, but I heard she was good in it.

      • Never heard of The Beaver, but will check it out. I was really disappointed with Elysium, especially as I liked District 9 so much.

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