Bad Milo!

Comedy-horror is a notoriously difficult genre to pull off.  When done right it can be great fun (see number 7 Tucker and Dale vs. EvilNight of the Creeps or Simon Pegg’s Cornetto Trilogy).  It shouldn’t be confused with horror that is so bad it’s funny, though, which is something else entirely (Ghost Shark, Sharknado and Shark Night all fit the bill perfectly).

Luckily Bad Milo! falls into the first camp.  It’s about mild-mannered office worker Duncan (Ken Marino) who, after a lifetime of suppressing his negative emotions, develops gastrointestinal [ahem] distress which actually turns out to be a, erm, arse-demon.



Yep.  His anger and stress have physically manifested as a bald, bug-eyed, vicious-yet-adorable arse-demon, who wreaks homicidal revenge on anyone who upsets Duncan.  I kind of love this film just because it enabled me to write such a ridiculous sentence.

Isn't he adorable?

Isn’t he adorable?

If we can learn anything from Bad Milo! it’s that bottling things up really can be very unhealthy.  As I’ve always said, ‘better out than in’.  Admittedly, I was talking about gas, but the same goes for anger, too.

Just don't upset Duncan

Just don’t upset Duncan

Anyway, Marino is eminently likeable as the stressed out hero and Gillian Jacobs is cute as his Mrs (I love Community so it’s always good to see those guys in other things), but it’s Milo who steals the show.  It’s nice to see ‘real effects’ rather than the ubiquitous CGI offerings that are par for the course, these days, and they did a great job, here.

Bad Milo! is silly and disgusting, but also funny and strangely endearing.

Score: 6.5/10



7 responses to “Bad Milo!

  1. I’m not a big fan of Marino so I’ve out this off forever but maybe I’ll give it a shot one afternoon since you used the phrase arse demon!


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